Right To Work Unfair to Middle-Class Families

State Representative Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth) released the following statement and video regarding the divisive political actions taken by House Democrats Thursday on proposed right to work legislation:

“The working men and women of Illinois deserve better than this charade. They deserve leaders who will stand up for middle-class families, not use them as pawns in a political power struggle.

“Today’s vote is more political theatre from the same Chicago politicians who have bankrupted our state and hurt middle-class families. They aren’t standing up for working families. The Democrats are playing games with their livelihoods. This so-called right to work bill is nothing more than a cynical attempt to hold onto power at all costs.

“Let me make my position perfectly clear: I opposed right to work under former Governor Quinn. I oppose right to work under Governor Rauner. I will not vote for it.

“I come from Decatur, Illinois – a manufacturing town with hardworking, middle-class families.

My hometown has struggled tremendously due to the loss of good-paying jobs. Our unemployment rate has been consistently higher than the state and national averages.  "Twenty plus years ago, Decatur was torn apart by labor wars that pitted neighbor against neighbor. It was terrible. It divided families and cost many hardworking people their jobs. I do not want to see a return to those difficult times.

“This so-called right to work bill is wrong for our working families. It’s not what Illinois needs to turn our economy around. Even the Illinois Chamber of Commerce said that ‘Illinois doesn’t need right to work (laws) to compete with its neighbors.’

“Today’s vote is a farce. It’s not about protecting working families. It’s all about dividing people. I oppose right to work, but I will not participate in this charade. It’s not fair to middle-class families who deserve better than this shameful display of power.”

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