Mitchell: Pay State Employee Health Care Before Public Aid

State Representative Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth) issued the following statement regarding the lack of payment of health care costs for state employees due to the ongoing budget stalemate in Springfield: 

“I have consistently stood up for our state employees and strongly believe that even in the absence of a budget agreement, we have a responsibility to cover payroll and health insurance costs for our workers.

“While the courts have agreed that the State must pay its employees, we are now hearing about health care providers requiring upfront payments from state employees and insurance companies not paying providers.

“At the same time, due to various court orders and consent decrees, state funds are still being expended without an appropriation for health care and other benefits for those on public aid.

“Taxpayer funds are being spent on health care costs for those who don’t work, while our hardworking state employees are forced to pay their own health care costs. That is completely backwards and is an insult to working families.

“The State of Illinois should live up to its obligations and pay the health care costs for its employees – before it pays the welfare benefits of those on public aid.”