Rep. Mitchell: “We must keep fighting to prevent the closure of the Clinton Power Station.”

Exelon Corporation today announced it will move forward to shut down the Clinton nuclear power plant, given the lack of passage of important Illinois energy legislation.

State Rep. Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth), who represents Clinton and DeWitt County, spoke to the media at the Clinton Chamber of Commerce this afternoon and issued the following statement:

“I am deeply saddened by Exelon’s decision to close the Clinton Power Station next year. We must all keep fighting to prevent this closure from happening. The Illinois General Assembly will be in continuous session throughout the month of June. There is still time to pass energy legislation that would place our nuclear plants on a level playing field with renewables such as wind and solar, which are heavily subsidized by ratepayers. Crain’s reported today that progress has been made on legislation to keep our nuclear plants at full operation. I am working with local leaders to redouble our efforts in Springfield to reach an agreement to keep Clinton open. We simply cannot afford to lose 700 good-paying jobs and $13 million in annual tax revenues used to support our schools and units of local government. This is a crisis that must be addressed by the General Assembly this month. I will keep fighting to make that happen.”