Mitchell statement on Gov. Rauner’s decision to sign HB 40

State Representative Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth) issued the following statement Thursday in response to Governor Bruce Rauner’s decision to sign House Bill 40, controversial legislation that provides for taxpayer-funded abortion on demand:

“To say I am disappointed in Governor Rauner is an understatement. Using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions is, in my opinion, immoral.

But beyond the morality lies the simple fact that Illinois is broke. We have $15 billion in unpaid bills, taxes were just raised, and now the State is going to pay for elective abortion on demand. Where is the Governor going to find the money? He has already said this budget is out of balance. Now he’s going to spend taxpayer funds to pay for abortions?

I cannot adequately express how disappointed I am with Governor Rauner. He told House Republicans last spring that he was going to veto this bill and that turned out to be a falsehood.”

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