Rep. Mitchell supports property tax relief legislation

Springfield – The Illinois House of Representatives passed legislation Wednesday that would provide much-needed property tax relief to Illinois homeowners.

State Representative Bill Mitchell (R-Forsyth) voted in support of Senate Bill 851, legislation that would provide property tax relief and level the playing field with Cook County when it comes to property taxes.

“High property taxes continue to be one of the biggest concerns of working families and seniors in my district,” Rep. Mitchell said. “They are demanding relief from ever-increasing property taxes and rightfully believe that property taxes should not continue to rise while home values are stagnant or decreasing.”

Senate Bill 851 puts Downstate Illinois on a level playing field with Cook County by increasing the senior homestead exemption to $8,000 and the general homestead exemption to $10,000 statewide. It also allows voters in Downstate counties the flexibility to choose whether or not they wish to enact a two-year property tax freeze.

“Working families and seniors are being forced from their homes. Not because they can’t afford their mortgages, but because they can’t afford their property taxes increasing each and every year. I was proud to support legislation that will provide real property tax relief to my constituents and treat all homeowners fairly, regardless of where they live,” said Mitchell.

Senate Bill 851 passed the Illinois House Wednesday on a vote of 75-32-1 and was sent back to the Illinois Senate for final action. If the Senate concurs with the House amendment, the bill will be sent to Governor Rauner for his signature.

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